After much work, Net Weasel 1.5 has been released. This new version includes many minor bug fixes as well as a few new features.

Net Weasel, an advanced HTML editor incorporating "wizard" tools to assist in the creation of complex web documents. Intended for users who are already experienced, or intend to learn, HTML code creation, Net Weasel is not a graphical page layout program but a code editor designed to modify the underlying structure of a web page directly.

Features include MDI (Multiple Document Interface) design allowing for the editing or creation of several HTML documents at once, built in HTML 3.2 preview engine as well as the ability to quick launch a page being edited in the operating systems default browser, unlimited undo/redo, context sensitive highlighting in the HTML code editor, the ability to import spread sheet data into the table editor and much more.

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New Features and Improvements in Version 1.5 Bug Fixes in Version 1.5